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Servicos Municipalizados de Transportes Colectivos do Barreiro

The Servicos Municipalizados de Transportes Colectivos do Barreiro (TCB) are a company of urban public transports under administration of the City council. They exist since 1957, with 223 employees and a fleet of 68 urban bus and 6 tourism bus. Daily, 23 in each 24 hours the transports are assured, covering the totality of the 32 Km2 area of Barreiro council, with 150 km extension line of bus-network. In 2007 were transported 20 million passengers.
At the level of main projects are the implementation of a ticketing system without contact, the project GIST, the development of a system which supports the management of human resources attached to the fleet and the planning from timetables to the bus-lines. More recently the development of sub-project FLEXIS, in the scope of the OQR “MARE” inserted in communitarian initiative INTERREG IIIC, that consists on the development of flexible solutions of transport like bus-on-demand, carpooling and car sharing.


  • Eng. Nuno Alexandre Freitas Ferreira.
  • Eng. Victor Manuel Lobo Bento.


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