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Persico S.p.A.

The company Persico S.p.A. was founded in 1976 by Pierino Persico as a wood model workshop and it became rapidly one of the best performing companies on the Italian market. In a short time it expanded its business in two directions: an Automotive Division in manufacturing aluminium and steel moulds of trim interior parts and sound-heat insulation panels for cars and industrial vehicles; a Rotational Division in producing aluminium rotational moulds. Persico soon became a leader in both fields.
Over the years, an increasing development in the perspective of a complete service to the client has brought to the birth of a new division, the Engineering Division, widely operating in fully automated development of car body systems. The Persico Rotational Division is one of the world leaders in equipment for rotational moulding.


  • Marco Scarpellini.
  • Sergio Gastaldi.
  • Giovanni Andreoletti.


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