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DIMEC - University of Genova - PMARlab

The DIMEC (Dipartimento di Meccanica e Costruzione delle Macchine) is established within the School of Engineering at the University of Genova, Italy ( The activity has been progressing since 1970s, in order to foster applications of Integrated-Design within the leading areas of • service and industrial Robotics, to prepare the integrated eco-sustainable, life-cycle oriented CAD reference to suggest advanced robotic solutions and to assess effective architectures properly tailored to real applications; • intelligent Automation to generate solutions for the on-process ruling of advanced control and management systems.
Several research projects have been performed with leader industrial enterprises both at national and European level (e.g. Pride, MiniPar, Roboclimber, EuroShoE, Smartwire, SBC, Saferdrill, Leapfrog, X-by-wires, Corner Active Module) with the roles of coordinator, partner and WP leader.
The design activity of sophisticated robotic devices and vehicles carried out by the DIMEC researchers has been recognized by the accomplishment of Patents and awards (Industrial Robot 2004, nominations to the Technology Transfer Awards EURON-IFR 2004 and 2005). The dissemination of the results and of the gained knowledge are granted by means of a continuous activity aiming at giving the wider visibility of the reached objectives: this is effectively made through the web site, participation in seminars, workshops, conferences, exhibitions, publication of papers and PhD and master specific courses. (

Department of Mechanics and Machine Design
PMAR Laboratory of Design and Measurement for Automation and Robotics
Faculty of Engineering
University of Genova
Via Opera Pia 15A
16145 Genova


  • Rezia Molfino, Full Professor, Director of the PMARlab Robotics, FURBOT Project Coordinator.
  • Matteo Zoppi, PhD, Researcher at DIMEC-PMARlab.
  • Roberto Razzoli, Researcher at DIMEC-PMARlab.
  • Emanuela Cepolina, PhD at DIMEC-PMARlab.
  • Francesco Orzelli, Eng.


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