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Bremach Industrie Srl

Bremach Industrie Srl (BH) manufactures BREMACH 4WD Industrial vehicles, the Italian leader in the commercial vehicle market segment from 3,5 to 6,0 tons multipurpose vehicles. BREMACH Industrial vehicles factory was originally founded in Northern Italy (city of Varese) in 1956.
In more than 50 years history BREMACH has developed specific experience in the field of 4WD multipurpose industrial vehicles in Europe. BREMACH vehicles were first produced at the end of the 1960's derived from two long standing Italian manufacturing companies. Toward the end of the 1960's Fratelli Brenna decided to acquire the small 3-wheeled delivery vehicle developed by Aeronautics Macchi now called the AERMACCHI and using their expertise to improve it. Taking a part of each name BREMACH was born.
BREMACH concentrated on the light freight segment of the market and began to design, test and then manufacture a 3.5T vehicle. BREMACH became synonymous with a hard working, durable vehicle and grew into a strong company with solid historical foundations. Right from the start the originality of the new design of BREMACH was recognised and with its inherent versatility and strength it developed into a great working vehicle. Over time the design was modified to allow use for heavier goods and the range was extended to include 6.0T gross vehicle weight options. BREMACH has been a constant presence in the market both in Italy and abroad since its inception and thanks to its success has been able to invest in developing and improving its product range with new technical and aesthetic characteristics.
The new creation - the BREMACH T-REX Vehicle - had been shown in world premiere in 2007 at Motor Show, Bologna. At the heart of T-REX there is an innovative structure, a tubular profile worked out in 2D and subsequently in 3D, in order to achieve a structure strength never reached before. In fact, thanks to this, the steels sheets are welded each other in order to avoid deformations even in case of extreme stresses.


  • Giancarlo Montini, CEO of Bremach Industrie Srl.
  • Steeve Bernaud-Heydz, Head of Design.
  • Eng. Angelo Adriano.
  • Eng. Marco Salvi.
  • Dr. Guido Sacchetto.


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